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Old 05-06-07, 13:34   #1
"i just got two"
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Join Date: 14-06-06
Location: Brisbane, Ipswich
Car: Walky 193,Gtsr 22,GTR XU1 replica,Yamaha R1 01
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how much do you pay to insure your Walky?

I rang shannons last nite about uping the agreed value on my Walky from $30000 to $45000 and they said no problems except i had to email some recent pics of exterior/interior/boot/engine bay and ID tag.So i did that before and they rang back saying it'll cost me an extra $226 a year.So i've gone from paying $817 for $30000 to $1043 fof $45000 every 12 months.Just wondering what everyone else is paying a year and their agreed value.I also increased my GTSR from $34000 to $50000 and it only cost me $13 extra?($946 to $959)
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Join Date: 07-12-05
Location: VIC, East
Car: BT1 '88, Group A SS '88, V6 Hilux '06, VP Senator 5000i
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My Walki is with Shannons @ 55K, the premium costing $815.44.

The car is stored with extreme limited KMs usage so that would most certainly reflect in the lower premium you'd think.
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"i just got two"
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Join Date: 14-06-06
Location: Brisbane, Ipswich
Car: Walky 193,Gtsr 22,GTR XU1 replica,Yamaha R1 01
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thanks I&J for that-mine is also on limited use but maybe because its in modified catergory is the reason behind the higher premium?Only things i've changed from original are king springs/koni adj shocks and 19"rims.Here are the pics i sent them-mines got 150000kms and has been resprayed in two pack before i purchased it in 1997.
I owe you a 10 second car
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Join Date: 19-12-05
Location: Melbourne, S.E. Suburbs
Car: VL BT1, Cessna 152
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lowered and rims increases the theft risk, thats why they charge more.

but think about 226 to insure an extra $15k is not much
im sure you wouldn't be able to insure any high risk vehicle of that value for anywhere near that.
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Join Date: 05-12-05
Location: NSW, south
Car: Flash suzuki sierra
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Pay 1000 a year. Insured for $60,000. Low use
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Old 05-06-07, 19:14   #6
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Join Date: 25-11-06
Location: NSW, coast
Car: no:455
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walky limited use $40,000 for $690.57, i have 3 cars and an old motorbike insured with shannons i think they give you good discounts the more stuff you insure. the bike is insured under their "laid up" policy $18,000 for $69.34 that is cheap piece of mind
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I pay $1200 odd for my walky ($80,000) on extreme limited use. Im 26 also... 27 this year.

I also have 3 other cars insured with them, so that helps!
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I ran my F20 through the NRMA and RACV's websites just for the fun of it and because they actually have the car listed. It is amazing how much the prices varies by postcode alone. Over $1300 cheaper where i live now to where i was when i bought the car. Cheapest price to most expensive was close to $3K and i didn't try to put in any crap suburbs. Maybe i should just to see how bad the worst areas are.
Also with the limited use mentioned, they have more than one stage of limited use as well. I went through all of that a few years back.
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