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Old 25-01-07, 13:04   #1
Join Date: 12-07-06
Location: VIC, Shepparton
Car: Walky 211
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Walky 211 is for sale

Walky 211 is for sale

Will be at Holden Day in Melbourne next weekend

some details for you all....


• Sold new by Patterson Cheney in Melbourne on 27 June 1988 - SS 308 – see books
• Spent the first two years in Melbourne and looks like it did around 45,000 km before it then went to Tasmania until at least mid 95 where its last service record is at 83,474km.
• Judging by the current Vic rego – NQK-443– it then went to Victoria and was registered in April 96
• I believe it was brought to Shepparton from Tasmania where it was then owned by a young dairy farmer from Invergordon Peter…..?? until it was sold to me in April 2003. Peter is still a local
• During the time the previous owner had it he had Geoff Bright, a local race car builder (HQ Series) to work on the engine. (so I am told).
• I have been told Geoff did the heads, a hotter cam and re built the gearbox
• Geoff Bright I believe still works for Parker Bros Holden in Shepparton and is a well known and respected race car builder.
• I bought the car from Jarrod Thomson Motors and Jarrod the Dealer Principal there would still know a fair bit about the previous owner – and certainly Geoff Bright.
• When I bought the car it had 103,874km on the odometer and it now has 107,600
• The car came to me extremely clean – all I had to do was get under it with the hose and toothbrush to detail it. I have also polished the rims


• CD – original radio and speakers provided
• Front door pocket have been relocated to the rear of the front door and speakers mounted in the front
• The cobra alarm accessory is mounted in the engine bay on the driver’s side suspension housing and replaces a horn that is normally fitted there. Apparantly the standard has two horns – one under the front bumper and one on the housing. Mine has one under the front bumper – but it looks aftermarket
• Modified heads – so I have been told
• 235 tyres on rear
• Has had the gearbox rebuilt – so I have been told
• When I bought it I put in Pedders springs as the previous owner had it dumped too low for roadworthy and had cut the springs
• It looks like someone has sprayed the undercarriage with sound deadener – although some people reckon this is original???????

Good Bits
• Registered until April 2008
• Glovebox signed by Tom Walkinshaw at Bathurst 2005
• Fitted with Cobra alarm
• Fitted with jack covers
• Fitted with radiator grille
• Goes like sting and sticks to the road like pooh to a hanky
• Now has an original Walkinshaw exhaust (due to an altercation with the EPA at SpringNats 2006). Still have the original pipe to convert it to a 3” straight thru from the rear mufflers back

Bad Bits
• Has hole in parcel shelf where previous owner mounted a woofer – bugger !!
• Has mounting board in boot for amplifier – easily removed
• Has an SS rim as a spare – not a Walky rim – came to me that way
• Has a leaking steering rack – needs a rebuild as exhaust heat buggers the seals - $350??
• Needs a documented 105,000km service to maintain books – am thinking about asking Geoff Bright to do this at Parker Bros.
• Looks like it has been re sprayed at some time – although this looks like touch ups more than anything else

Why Sell?
My daughter is going to boarding school in Melbourne and although I would like to keep it until it turns 20 it is realistically sensible to sell now.


$42,500 firm and as is - $43,000 with steering rack done and wheel alignment
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Join Date: 14-10-06
Location: Sydney, south west
Car: vk brock
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Send a message via AIM to mack
hi im from sydney i was just wondering whats the asking price
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Old 26-01-07, 20:00   #3
Join Date: 06-02-06
Location: Melbourne, s/e
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Originally Posted by mack
hi im from sydney i was just wondering whats the asking price

- quote

$42,500 firm and as is - $43,000 with steering rack done and wheel alignment
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Join Date: 19-11-06
Location: WA, rockingham
Car: vl turbo walkinshaw harlequin
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have you still got it or have you sold it
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