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PROVLT - 10.14@133mph New PB

Photo's and Story by Brett / PROGMH

Originally Mark bought this VL from a car yard as a stock standard non turbo VL SL. Back in those days it was just another VL running around and not many people gave it too much credit, but Mark loved it non the less.

It was like this for a few years until he finally did something about the issue of power, or lack of. He turned up to a cruise one Friday night with a new shiney intercooler hanging off the front and a stock VL turbo conversion. He ran it around like this for a while on around 10psi. He also bought a built up full manual 4 speed auto.

Again being secretive about his plans he didn't tell anyone that the car had been to Bresciani Racing and copped a cam, injectors, microtech and tune! So again he rocks up to a Friday night cruise and blows everyone away with his 'standard turbo conversion' that we all assumed he was still running. He had to come clean and tell everyone it had finally been tuned properly.
Bresciani's dyno showed 171rwkw @ 6psi. Now this might not seem too much in todays speak but back 5 years ago that was some pretty serious power. At this stage having run a best time of 12.3 @ 108 mph down the quarter mile Gen III's were a small dot in Marks rear view mirror.

Mark moved over to Perth at this time and loaded his VL on to a transporter and took it across with him. The 200,000km old non turbo engine was still very healthy and Mark's main aim was to run an 11 second pass as it was with a few more pounds of boost rammed down the engines throat. Unfortunately while the 25 spline LSD was still going strong and not missing a beat the engine failed. Mark instantly knew that this was an excuse to step up and build himself a better motor.

Again Bresciani Racing were contracted to build up a tough little motor for the VL. With Marks instruction to 'build me an engine that can handle a 10 second pass', John Bresciani whipped up a nice little RB30 with all of the goods to handle that pass and push the envelope even further as he knew once Mark tasted a 10 second pass he would want more.
The RB30 consists of a balanced bottom end, shot peened rods and hypertech pistons while the cam and valve gear remain the same as the old set up he originally had. Mark went out and bought a brand new Garrett 35/40 turbo with the .82 rear housing and an external wastegate.

After months of waiting on the engine and getting it transported across the country the engine was dropped in and sent off for tuning. As soon as it was set for the run in tune the auto went to automatic heaven. Now quite frustrated as the engine was finally done and now having a box in pieces Mark set out to find an unbreakable auto. He bought a 2-speed powerglide with the works. Capable of handling 1200hp, the full manual and transbraked 'glide is something that won't need to be looked at for quite some time.

Mark eventually moved back to Melbourne and set out to run the engine in, get a tune and go racing. He also got the plates PRO VLT to show that this VL was a serious contender and not your garden variety VL turbo.

This time around Anthony Rodriguez at Maztech was very helpful in tuning the car. On pump fuel and 22psi the car made 298rwkw. Being a bit disappointed with a low power figure Mark was assured that this was due to the large 5500rpm stall convertor giving a low dyno reading and that he should take the car for a drive and see for himself. At this time Mark phoned me and said 'Anthony took the car for a drive and says it smashes the rear tyres at 100kmh'.
That night the car was picked up and Mark drove over to my house to show me how it went. With small street tyres on there was no chance it was going to hook up and indeed mashing the pedal under 100kmh ended up with two massive liquorish straps down the road and a battle to keep the car in a straight line. The car definately had some go. On the way home Mark stopped in the middle of the road. We both knew instantly that it was transbrake time. Mark said 'I havnt used the button yet... let's try it', I don't think I even had time to respond as I was too busy grinning.
Button engaged the revs were bought up. The boost gauge sitting on 20psi and the button was released. As soon as the button was let go the engine was on the rev limiter over 7000rpm and with a quick throw of the left arm the car was in top gear. I looked rearward and saw nothing but a huge trail of smoke. This was fun!

One weekend he set off to Heathcote to get some track time on the car. He managed a string of 11.8 second passes on the 16psi run in tune. Unfortunately things didn't go as planned and with one huge transbrake launch the diff said no more. This was a known problem and a major weak point in the driveline. This was replaced with a fully rebuilt 3.45 VL turbo diff with billet Moser 31 spline axles and a full spool.

Shortly after we set off for the Heathcote Drag Nationals with some slicks and front runners aiming to hopefully crack a low 11 or maybe even that 10 second pass. As Mark lined up for his first run I had a chat with Liam from Street Commodores who was asking what we were hoping the car would do today. I just finished telling him that a low 11 was being hoped for when Mark rolled up to the staging beams. First run with a 5psi transbrake launch yielded a 10.50 second pass @ 128mph!
I ran over to the return road with the pass print out and I said 'TEN FIFTY'. Marks reply was 'bullshit. What did I really run?'.
When I finally convinced him with the print out he was absolutely wrapped.
Unfortunately due to traction issues that was the fastest pass for the day as any more than about 7psi off the line would blow the tyres off, although the car did run 8-10 more 10 second passes for the day.

This brings is to where the car currently is. Once funds allow it's back to Maztech to get another tune and make some more power. With some more go under the pedal Marks new aim is to have a 9 second street car on pump fuel, pretty distant from the old 12-second daily driver that it once was.

In Brief:

Engine: RB30ET
Mods: Balanced, shot peened rods, hypertech pistons, cam.
1600cc injectors, Bresciani plenum.
Trans: 2 Speed Powerglide, 5500rpm convertor (GONZO), Transbrake.
Diff: 3.45 full spool, Moser 31 spline billet axles.
256rwkw @ 16psi - pump fuel
298rwkw @ 22psi - pump fuel
More to come with new tune.

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Excellent write up Brett! Really educational and exciting to read. Congratulations to Mark for such a beast. Good luck with future modifications, and hopefully that 9 second pass is around the corner!
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i knew this car was quick cause jason was telling me about it. but f### me! makes me wanna keep mine. very nice car mate well done!!!
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massive sleeper from the out side till the bonnet is popped!!

well done man
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Aaaaaaand it's gone.
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Looks really great mate. I didn't realise you've had it for so long.

Are you still running the 35/40 .82?
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well done mark, i remember the first time i saw this thing and its good 2 see how far its come.
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yeh still the gt3582r .82ar rear
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why are you reading this?
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Awesome work mate, one of my top 10 VLTs
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VLT 88
10.14@133mph street trim
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thanks for the comments guys... was my first ever car and i love it more than the day i got it lol.
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Well done mark eye looooooove it
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my favorite vlt well done mate!!!!!!
Maatouks Racing 9771 2166
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well done provlt!!
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i love PROVLT... it's such a nice clean VL. A real sleeper and i absolutely have fallen in love with your enginebay... it makes me wanna do things to it
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well done provlt such a sleeper love it
10.4@ 132mph

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nice work mate, congrats
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Nice car and nice write up Brett well done mate.
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good read i think these feature articles are good idea
in the build to fry out the back at summernats 24
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Oh Yeah?
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awsome car and article,inspriation to all
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Shít Bloke
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well done mate i love the fact that it has gone from your first car, an n/a SL to a 10 second sleeper.

great car
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great work mark, I see my injectors done u well ;-) lol Good work dude there is way more in this thing!!
Tuned by STIX
KE20 SR20 7.87@174.44 , Supra 2JZ 7.18@198, Bill Kotsias 6.96@196, Supra TTV8 7.04@223
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VLT 88
10.14@133mph street trim
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lol yes they did hopefully there will be more... will be goin back to anth pretty soon so we'll see soon.
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All the best
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Great write up, and a very nice car! love ur work mark.. can't wait for the 9 sec pass!
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mint ride, great feature
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Nice work PROVLT, Very nice car! alot of time n effort gone in! great right up to!! hopefully mine will be up there soon!
570kw 8.8 @155mph on 255ET

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One of my most favourite vlt's sick car i love it... good stuff
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