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Old 21-12-16, 01:12   #1
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VL nerds: door handle colour?

As best I can tell from some old brochures etc, it seems like ALL the very first VLs had chrome door handles regardless of spec (I have a brochure showing sl exec berlina and calais all with chrome handles) and the later they got the more likely they were to have black handles. And no specific option I know of for black or chrome handles as a choice, or any specific factory that did one or the other.

Anyone confirm/agree/deny?

Tidying up mine and can't decide which I prefer (black I think) so if it came to a coin toss and I couldn't decide then I would probably just do whatever was or should have been standard.

FWIW it's a Feb (?) 87, SL Turbo Manual sedan LW5 MX7 125 yadda yadda yadda.
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mine is a 86 but from factory had black, so who knows.
Your right tho most earlier 86 87 ive noticed are chrome
10.6 manual radials...
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Car: Car: Hq gts coupe - Vl Sl turbo bt1 - Vl nitron - Vl v8 1k001 berlina - Fg xr6 ute - LJ coupe - LX slr 5000 rep
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99% of 86 are chrome handles
99% of 87/88 are black handles
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Old 21-12-16, 20:36   #4
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Car: HWY.88, VLC LS1
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Only my 86's had chrome. Others had black
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Old 22-12-16, 10:41   #5
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Mine is a 12/86 and has black handles. Was 100% totally original when I bought it and I'm basically the 2nd owner after an older couple so can't imagine they have ever been swapped
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Old 23-12-16, 14:34   #6
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ive had 4 1986s
three of them had black and one had silver
the silver was on a white vl
the other cars were brown , red and eucumbe blue

guess its just up to personal preferance
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Old 23-12-16, 23:03   #7
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Early models where still using the handles from the VH/VK parts bin which where chrome. Gradually transitioned to black. Prefer the black myself, and seen some tuff white VK's etc go black and look a million times better.

But each to their own,
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Old 27-12-16, 09:09   #8
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Car: VL 5.0, VS 3.8
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Color code them to the body looks better.
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Old 28-12-16, 00:41   #9
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Both my 86's had/have chrome, that's an SL & Calais.
86 factory black VL Calais, 06 VZ Clubby 6.0, 76 LX Torana, 77 LB Lancer track pig
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Old 28-12-16, 14:50   #10
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My NOV '86 has black handles from Factory. It was Adelaide built.

From what I've gathered around September/October '86 the handles went black, but is not always the case.

I've seen an original DEC '86 Melbourne built car with chrome handles.

I guess it was a running change determined by when the stocks of chrome handles were depleted, rather than an actual date..
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